The Importance Of Organ Meats For Your Carnivore


We want a balanced diet for our raw-fed dogs and cats, but did you know that organ meats are a critical part of creating a complete diet for your carnivorous pet? Did you also know that your pet needs a variety of organ meats as well? They are chock-full of bioavailable vitamins and minerals, essential for your pet’s health and well-being, and by feeding a variety of different organ meats, you ensure your pet is getting the vital nutrients he or she requires for optimal health.

Some of the organs you can try in you pet’s diet are liver, kidney, spleen, pancreas, and brain! Ick! But so good for your furry pals. Also keep in mind that while heart and lung are also great for your pet, they are not considered organ meats when calculating meat/bone/organ ratios for raw-fed dogs and cats.

Aim for at least two different types of organs, to make up around 10% of your dog or cat’s diet, and remember: we have fully balanced raw meals available at Rascals – that which includes the necessary organs, or we have all the different pieces for those of you that like to DIY!


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