Rascals Pet Market

Specializing in high quality, locally-sourced pet food products


Rascals Pet Market

To provide the very best for our pets and yours, we have to be ever conscious of what we put in their bodies. At Rascals, we ensure your pet’s food to be of the utmost quality, as we have handpicked each product with their health in mind.

Our community has been behind us through the journey to our pets’ health, which is why we choose products made and sourced locally. We wouldn’t give our pets anything other than the best, so you can count on being able to come into Rascals, and pick anything off the shelves knowing it will be to your dog or cat’s benefit, as well as the benefit of our community.


    We Provide

  • High quality, biologically appropriate dog and cat food
  • Raw food and treats
  • Supplements and remedies
  • Local products
  • Natural treats and chews
  • Health for your pets, and savings for you

Our Approach

“We believe proper nutrition is a fundamental aspect of your pet’s health and happiness, and work hard to provide only the very best in health and nutrition”

Rascals Pet Market offers a different approach to feeding pets by recognizing that no two pets can be treated, or fed the same, given that they are not the same. Pet owners have the option to choose from our selection of high-quality dry and raw pet foods and treats, as well as supplements and remedies as unique as each pet and owner walking through the door. All our products are thoroughly researched by our carefully crafted team of staff before being offered for sale at our store, so every pet owner knows that if it’s from Rascal’s – it’s got to be good.


    Ever wonder where the ingredients in your pet’s food came from? With Open Farm, wonder no more! Simply enter the LOT Code on your dog’s bag of Open Farm to track each ingredient back to the source. Open Farm uses only humanely raised meats, and ethically sourced, sustainable ingredients in all their products – no fillers or chemical additives. You can see for yourself!


    Carnivora™ provides high quality fresh frozen products that encompass safe production and handling criteria for the benefit of the consumer as well as their companion animal. Carnivora™ only accepts healthy, disease-free whole animals from small scale establishments that follow holistic management and feeding practices.


    Available in 150 mg, 300 mg and 600 mg strength HEMP 4 Paws is made with C02 extracted CBD and organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil and is THC free and non-psychoactive. HEMP 4 Paws is third party tested, to ensure your pet is receiving the highest quality product.


    A family owned and operated business out of Mill Bay; Pet Lovers’ Choice stays true to its name, being one of the top raw pet food suppliers on Vancouver Island since 2005. They provide a variety of local, top-notch raw foods for your dog or cat made fresh to order. Pet Lover's Choice is also happy to accommodate special orders for all your furry friends.



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We want a balanced diet for our raw-fed dogs and cats, but did you know that organ meats are a critical part of creating a complete diet for your carnivorous pet? Did you also know that your pet needs a variety of organ meats as well? They are chock-full of bioavailable vitamins and minerals, essential […]